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March 2020 Webinar Q&A

For many years the great work of structured education providers has gone unreported in the National Diabetes Audit (NDA). The Yorkshire and the Humber Clinical Network has done a survey for the last 3 years and proved that ducators are providing an efficient and responsive service way above anything that is being reported. Historically, data on education has been taken from the GP clinical record.

The results of the survey have helped to lobby the NDA and there is now a simple way for providers to upload structured education attendance data directly to the NDA through their Clinical Audit Platform. Providers should still send a letter to the GP practices or enter data directly on to SystmOne, but now won’t be reliant on the GP practices having to enter this data on their systems any more.


Data can be sent as a bulk upload and an initial upload of data from 1/1/2017 can be submitted  – or earlier data if the providers  have access to it. As the data is recorded against the individual patient, one upload is sufficient even if the providers cover two or more areas.

The upload process is very simple andrequires only 4 pieces of information for each patient:

  • NHS Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Whether they attended Structured Education, or not
  • Date of the course (Or the date they did not attend)


Click the links below to view a short tutorial on how to do this – it is only 12 minutes long.

The tutorial is provided in either WebEx or Windows Video format:

 View WeBex Tutorial          View Windows WMV Tutorial 

Key things to note:

  1. The date for the latest upload to the NDA is the end of May 2019 in order to be included in the next data collection
  2. Any NHS funded diabetes specialist service can upload
  3. People who upload will need Caldicott Guardian approval - so register as soon as possible to allow time for approval
  4. Upload the data from 1/1/2017 as a minimum
  5. When the tutorial mentions getting data from SystmOne – this would be using your own search on the data you have entered – there is not an official report process available at present
  6. Future uploads can be done at any time  - the collection of SE data will be an ongoing process
  7. The specialist service template has been updated since the tutorial was recorded but it is still mainly the same
  8. The Trust will also have their own registration to submit the care process to the NDA but SE providers can submit separately. It is a good idea to know who else in the Trust is submitting data to keep each other abreast of any changes that are made to the system.  


You will see from the tutorial that this is a very straightforward process which can be done by admin support. The NDA ask that at least one of the providers in each area register and upload their data in this way (you can register multiple people to upload):

  1. Watch the tutorial
  2. Register for a single sign on at the NDA website https://login.hscic.gov.uk/Register.aspx straight away
  3. Download and fill in the registration form as detailed in the tutorial and get Caldicott Guardian Approval
  4. Receive registration details
  5. Collate the information for each patient back to 1/1/2017
  6. Download and complete the specialist service template and upload before the end of May 2019


 You can also ask for help from the NDA support team at enquiries@nhsdigital.nhs.uk 


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