Structured education programmes can provide a newly diagnosed person with the information and support they need to understand how to care for themselves and live a healthy life with diabetes. It can help people with diabetes to prevent or delay the onset of the complications associated with their condition. 

The Yorkshire and the Humber Structured Education Network have agreed to share innovation and resources to encourage quality education across the region


The Structured Patient Education Network Meeting - 6th November 2019 - The Met Hotel, Leeds 


Links to other resources discussed on the day:


The Structured Patient Education Network Meeting - 21st November 2018 - The Village Hotel, Leeds South


Links to other resources discussed on the day:


Network Innovation and Resources

LISTEN: Webinar Recording 15 January 2020 - Thames Valley Dietary Strategies for People with T2 Diabetes Project

LISTEN: Webinar Recording - 18 April 2018 - Better Communication with Primary Care

Changing the conversation - Katie Smith, Commissioning Manager Leeds CCG

SystmOne Template for Structured Education - Leeds

Building Bridges Brings Better Care - Jenny Thawley, Specialist Dietician, Barnsley

Dietetics X-PERT Health Leaflet - Barnsley

Audit 1 - Attendance at Type 2 Diabetes Group Education - Barnsley

Project 2 - Promotion of Diabetes Group Education - Barnsley

X-PERT Promotion - Practice Nurse Forum - Barnsley


If you would like to join the network or have resources you would like to share please contact the Clinical Network Diabetes Team



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