'the transition to adulthood is a window of opportunity for changing the life course'

- Masten et al 2004




Y&H Strategic Clinical Network for Children:

Transition Toolkit for Providers

Transition Guidance for Commissioners



In March 2015 the Y&H Strategic Clinical Network for Children established a Task and Finish Group (T&FG) for Transition as part of its work programme.


The T&FG brought together commissioners and providers across Y&H to provide and promote a coordinated approach between and within whole health communities including, NHS, health and social care, local authorities, voluntary organisations and other appropriate stakeholder organisations to support the delivery of Young People Friendly (YPF) transitional care.


The T&FG have developed a generic toolkit and guidance for transition which can be used by Providers and Commissioners to provide evidence based high quality care and improve outcomes for children, young people (CYP) and their families.



The toolkit and guidance:

  • has incorporated national and local guidance, guidelines and standards
  • has been developed by clinicians, commissioners and service managers
  • has had involment from CYP across the regions, including the development of the LOGO and Transition Charter for CYP
  • recommends best practice whilst also allowing for local flexibility
  • provides a single point of access to resources for organisations to design, develop and implement patient centred young people friendly transition for all services.


Why Transition?


'transition is the purposeful, planned process of empowering and supporting children and young people when moving from a children's centred service to an adult

oriented service.  The process addressess the medical,psychosocial and education/vocational needs of  children and young poeple'

- Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust



40,000 In England:  There are more than 40,000 children and young people under 18

who are living with a life threatening illness or life limiting condition, (CQC:2015)


55,000: There are also 55,000 young adults (aged 18-40)

living with a life threatening illness or life limiting condition. (CQC:2015)


300: There are more than 300 different life limiting conditions or life threatening illnesses,

such as cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, severe cerebral palsy and certain types of cancer. (CQC:2015)



Advances in health care and improved quality of services means that children and young people are living longer with serious illness, chronic conditions and disabilities and will require ongoing care and support into adulthood.


Transition for children and young people can often be abrupt, fragmented and in some cases doesn't take place at all.  However if transition is a coordinated, planned and supportive process that enables young people to gradually move from children's services to adult services it can have life long benefits.  Without this approach, poor transition may result in CYP missing vital appointments, non compliance with treatment and less successful self-managment, this could result in a potential crisis in their condition; poor health outcomes and poor quality of life.


Supporting young people during transition can be a challenge to commissioners and providers.  The process must be person centred and focus on the individual needs and aspirations of each young person.  In addition to this, adult services are provided in a different way to children's services and for those who are not used to them, can be very challenging to navigate.


Effective transition will empower children and young people to take ownership of their health, understand their condition, feel confident to seek help, advice and any changes in their care.  Undertaking this preparation can in turn not only benefit the young person but can have a positive effect on health services by reducing emergency admissions and the burden on services.



About the Toolkit and Guidance


The aim of this portal is to enure that providers and commissioners have a single point of access to a pathway, resources and key guidance.


The resources in this toolkit and guidance will help service providers and commissioners, develop, improve, implement and embed good practice for children, young people and their families moving from children's to adult services.


A checklist is provided for you to assess your current service provision, identify gaps, areas for improvement and to develop new services.  By following this flowchart you will be guided through the pathway and directed to resources to allow you to establish evidence based best practice services for your population.


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