We would like to thank the members of the Yorkshire & the Humber Strategic Clinical Network for Children,

Transition Task and Finish Group,for their time and dedication in putting this resource together:


Dr Eric Kelly,      Emma Andrews,      Jackie Backhouse,      Sarah Boul,


Dr Fiona Campbell,      Andrew Clarke,      Dr Helen Collinson,      Annie Darby,


Carole Gelder,      Lee Golze,      Ruth Hayward,      Clare Hillitt,


Dr Bushra Ismaiel,      Dr Natalie Lyth,      Carl Mackie,      Karen McNicholas,


Angela Monaghan,      Sue Morgan,      Dr Priya Narula,      Karen Poole,


Louise Porter,      Philomena Scott,     Dr Sally Smith,      Denise Stewart,


Rachel Tattersall,      Leona Thorpe,      Dr Elizabeth Waddington,      Emm Irving.