The commissioning and provision of Neuro rehabilitation nationally is inequitable, often poorly resourced and seen as an easy target for cutbacks when financial restraints are tightened (Neurology Alliance). As such rehabilitation in general is seen as an area of NHS concern and one where much improvement and investment is needed.  It has been highlighted as a National priority by the NHS England National Clinical Director for acute and chronic neurological conditions, Dr David Bateman.


The Yorkshire and Humber SCN recognises the need to raise standards of rehabilitation across the region and reduce the variation in service provision in order to improve outcomes for patients experiencing neurological problems. The SCN has prioritising neuro rehab in line with the national drive and is working closely with the national neurology rehab team to develop best practice models of care. Local service providers also raised the issue of limited access to neuro-rehabilitation in feedback from the YH SCN Stakeholder event held in September 2013.


It was agreed at the meeting of the YH SCN neuro rehab strategy group held on the 20th November 2014 to undertake a mapping exercise to identify what neuro rehab services exist in the region and what cohort of patients they serve.

It was agreed that the mapping exercise should focus on the following patient groups-

a) In-patient,

b) Out-patient

c) Community neuro rehab services 

The strategy group agreed to the following inclusion criteria: (to investigate provision for the following neurology related services)

1. Neuro rehab including stroke,

2. Neuro rehab excluding stroke,

3. Stroke only

4. Neuro rehab including non-neurological conditions.

To illustrate where neuro rehab services are we have produced a number of interactive maps that can be found on the Interactive maps page or by follow this link

View Neuro Rehab Maps

If you are responsible for a Rehabilitation service in the Yorkshire and Humber area that is not represented on the maps please complete the mapping questionnaire by following this link  and email either or


The report can be found here: Link to ReportNeuro Rehab Mapping Report


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