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Levels of specialist services - definitions - Specialist Services National Definition Set (SSNDS)

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Level 1: Specialised (tertiary) rehabilitation services serving a catchment population > 1 million population and carrying a high proportion of complex cases and reporting the full clinical dataset to the UKROC database (PDF, 42KB). These will probably be designated by the

National Specialised Commissioning Group (NSCG).

Level 2: Local specialist rehabilitation services serving a population of 250K – 1 million, carrying a lower proportion of complex cases and reporting at least the minimum clinical dataset to the UKROC database.

It has been suggested that Level 2 should be further subd-divided into:

Level 2a: Supports supra-district catchment population of 750K or more and takes a proportion of patients with very complex needs. 
Level 2a reports full clinical dataset to the UKROC database and submits UKROC data monthly to lnwh-tr.ukroc@nhs.net

Level 2b: A district service with a catchment population of <750K and has a lower proportion of complex cases.

Level 2b services report a minimum dataset to the UKROC database and submits data quarterly (June, September, December and March).

Level 3: Non-specialist rehabilitation services serving a local population (usually <500K) led by therapists or non-Rehabilitation medicine consultants.

Level 3a: services are local services which ‘specialise’ in certain conditions and include a significant component of rehabilitation (for example stroke, or care of the elderly). They are led / supported by consultants in specialties other than Rehabilitation Medicine (e.g. neurology / stroke medicine) and may act as a local source of expertise, even though they do not meet the full standards for a ‘specialist rehabilitation service’.

The maps below have been produced as part of the on-going neuro rehabilitation services mapping exercise and they highlight where specialist Neuro - rehabitiltation services exist in the yorkshire and Humber region

you can use the + and - zoom in/zoom out functions to the left hand side o the maps to get a closer look at where services are in the Yorkshire and Humber area

if you click your mouse pointer in the centre of a flag - an information box will pop up with details about that service including contact details for the neuro rehab lead


showing services providing more specialised services

Green showing neuro rehab services which also provide for other non neurological conditions 
Red showing services for stroke patients only 
Yellow showing services for patients with neurological conditions Including Stroke 
Purple showing services for patients with neurological conditions Excluding Stroke 


For UKROC there are minimum data reporting requirement for 

  • Level 1
  • Level 2a
  • Level 2b
  • Level 3 services
You can download a comprehensive document that sets this out here

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