Network Support Team

Dr David Black

Medical Director

David is the Joint Medical Director of NHS England North, Yorkshire and the Humber and Deputy National Clinical Director for Specialised Services, NHS England.  

His responsibilities also include the Strategic Clinical Networks and the Senate for Yorkshire and Humber, advising on specialised commissioning, and promoting clinical leadership and clinically lead commissioning. David has extensive appraisal experience and has appraised RO / MDs from Acute and Community Trusts, NHS England MDs and Directors of Public Health.
David has a long standing interest in clinical effectiveness, ethics and safe health care.  He was a member of the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) Technology Appraisal Committee C for many years.  David completed vocational training in general practice in Portsmouth before working in New Zealand in psychiatry and general practice. He completed Public Health training in South Yorkshire in 2000 and then worked in Derbyshire, including several years as Director of Public Health and latterly as Medical Director. David took up his current post in October 2012.


Prof Graham Venables

Clinical Director

Graham is the Clinical Director for the Clinical Networks.

He is responsible for providing leadership, clinical advice and support to the Yorkshire and the Humber Clinical Networks that now include networks covering all ages mental health, maternal health, cancer and diabetes.
He is a past President of the Association of British Neurologists and Fellow of the European Stroke Organisation. He trained as a neurologist in Newcastle upon Tyne and New York becoming consultant neurologist first in Edinburgh and then Sheffield where he was Clinical Director for Neurosciences. Following the publication of the National Strategy for Stroke he became Clinical Lead for Stroke in the Cardiac and Stroke network in South Yorkshire and focused his clinical activity on hyperacute stroke care and stroke prevention.


Ian Golton

Associate Director

Ian is the Associate Director for Clinical Networks and the Senate in Yorkshire and the Humber.  His role is to lead the CN and Senate Support Team and to direct its work. Ian has a background in psychology, and many years of experience in the field of service improvement and redesign. He has worked in a diverse range of health service posts since 1986, all of which have involved analysing, developing and changing services to benefit patients. He was formerly the Director of NHS Stroke Improvement Programme, a national quality initiative that established and worked with Stroke Care Networks and stroke/TIA services to implement the requirements of the National Stroke Strategy (2007). Ian is based at our Oak House office in Rotherham.


Gail Peacock

Programme Service Improvement Officer


Linda Robinson

Administration and Support Officer

Linda joined the Strategic Clinical Network in April 2013 and has provided administrative support for both the Cancer and Children's and Maternity Teams.  Linda started work with the NHS in August 2008 for the North Trent Cancer Network in Sheffield as a Groups & Projects Support Officer after largely working in the private sector.  Previous roles had included secretarial/PA roles before several years in a Sales Co-ordination role for a manufacturing company. After recently reducing her hours Linda is now providing general administrative support for the whole team. Linda is based in the Oak House office in Rotherham.


Stephanie Beal

Senior Administrator



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