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2015 NICE guidance for suspected cancer recognition and referrals

NICE guidance 'Suspected Cancer: Recognition and Referral' (NG12) was published on 22 June 2015. This updated and replaced the previous NICE clinical guideline (CG27) published June 2005.   The 2015 full guidance can be accessed at the following link, and you can navigate this by cancer site to symptom(s): http://nice.org.uk/guidance/ng12


The Y&H GP Leads group have produced a briefing document as a high level overview of the new guidance, with some more specific points for the attention of providers and commissioners, and GPs in relation to cancer sites where there have been more significant changes to the guidance e.g. lowering the age threshold for referral.


Further work has been undertaken by the Y&H GP Leads group to define referral criteria for different cancer sites, being mindful that additional work will be required to reflect local pathways, IT systems and administrative processes in each locality. The purpose of this work is to encourage best practice referral pathways in line with the most up to date guidance, and to avoid duplication of effort in localities where possible. The outputs of this work can be found below, and should be read alongside the guidance notes also listed below.

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Referral Guidelines 

Briefing for Y&H GP Leads referral guidance

Suspected Breast Cancer

Suspected Gynaecological Cancer

Suspected Head and Neck Cancer

Suspected Lower GI Cancer

Suspected Lung Cancer

Suspected Sarcoma

Suspected Skin Cancer

Suspected Upper GI Cancer

Suspected Urological Cancer





Supporting Information

Example patient information for urgent cancer referral

Leeds CCGs' patient information leaflet for urgent cancer referrals





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