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Cardiovascular disease is the second largest cause of death and disability in England. Although much has been achieved over the last decade in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease, there remains more to be done not only to improve mortality rates but also to improve the quality of live for those living with disease.


The Yorkshire & the Humber Cardiovascular Disease Network brings together a wide range of stakeholders to work across geographical and organisational boundaries to support equity of access to high quality, evidence based care and improved outcomes.


The work programme of the Clinical Network has been aligned to support the delivery of the Five Year Forward View the NHS England Business Plan 2016/17 the Clinical Commissioning Group Improvement and Assessment Framework and the local health and care system Sustainability and Transformation Plans. Our 2016/17 work programme is focused on CVD prevention and Diabetes.


Under the strategic clinical network, invaluable work was undertaken in the cardiac, renal and stroke clinical networks. In order to support continuation of this work, under the new organisational arrangements, these website pages have been updated as a repository for the legacy documentation.


Diabetes Work Programme

 The 2016/17 work programme includes:

  • Diabetes Prevention Programme. Supporting localities to prepare for and deliver the diabetes prevention programme
  • Structured Patient Education. Improving access and uptake to structured patient education for people diagnosed with diabetes
  • Diabetic Footcare.A footcare network has been established to support CCGs and providers to improve diabetic foot pathways and to work to reduce amputation rates within the region
  • Treatment Targets. Supporting delivery of the three treatment targets (blood pressure, cholesterol and HbA1c).


CVD Prevention Programme

The 2016/17 work programme includes:

  • Spreading Best Practice. Supporting localities to share and adopt and implement at scale best practice initiatives on atrial fibrillation, hypertension and cholesterol management.


CVD Transformation

There remains a national focus on stroke (particularly in consideration of the configuration of HASU sites) and cardiac in relation to delivery of 7 day services. This work will be overseen by the Urgent & Emergency Care networks.


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