In March 2015 the Mental Health Taskforce published Future in Mind: a report with 49 recommendations for improving children and young people's mental health and emotional wellbeing. Following the release of Future in Mind, areas were asked to produce Local Transformation Plans (LTPs) which would outline how they would bring about the necessary changes to improve children and young people’s mental health and emotional wellbeing over the coming 5 years.  These plans were importantly produced at a local level with the valuable input of children and young people themselves. There are 14 plans covering Yorkshire & the Humber, which were refreshed in October 2016.






What Are We Doing?

We are a small team but bring together lots of different agenices and sectors across Yorkshire & the Humber who are involved in Local Transformation Plans to help them deliver their aims and aspirations. One way we do this is by hosting a Lead Commissioner Forum which meets bi-monthly and provides a place for those responsible for making the changes happen to come together, share ideas and tackle common issues.  Key roles of the Clinical Network are to be a source of advice and guidance, facilitate the sharing of innovative working and best practice and provide a link between NHS England and local areas.


In response to local need and national guidance we have developed a work programme which focuses on common themes from LTPs and Future in Mind recommendations, such as:

    • Developing a meaningful data and information tool for the whole pathway of mental health care
    • Hosting a CYP Eating Disorders Learning Collaborative to support implementation of the Community Eating Disorder Guidance
    • Improving care for young people transitioning to adult services
    • Delivering better support in schools by developing a staff competency framework with evidence based resources


      Alongside these common themes we support a wide range of other topics relating to children and young people’s mental health and emotional wellbeing, including:

      • Transforming Care Agenda (LD and Autism)
      • SEND reforms
      • Workforce development
      • Specialised CAMHS Tier 4
      • Health & Justice
      • CYP Social Care (including regionalisation of adoption) reforms
      • Digital initiatives
      • Ofsted/CQC inspections
      • Mental Health Crisis Care Concordat
      • Liaison Mental Health
      • Early Intervention in Psychosis
      • Urgent and Emergency Care Vanguards


      How Do We Operate?

      In Yorkshire and the Humber we host a Children and Young People’s Mental Health Steering Group which brings together a wide range of organisations and sectors at a strategic level to deliver collaborative working on common themes from Future in Mind across our area.


      Feeding into both the Children and Young People’s Mental Health Steering Group and the Lead Commissioner Forum is the important voice of children and young people themselves, with an Advisory Group called Stairways.  This Advisory Group will help keep us on track and make sure we are making changes that truly meet the needs of children and young people in our area.


      Alongside all of this we are proud to support the Heads Together Campaign.


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