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Early Benefits of Delegated Commissioning

CCGs have reported that delegated commissioning is leading to a number of early benefits.  These include the development of clearer, more joined up visions for primary care, aligned to wider CCG and STP plans for improving health services, together with improved quality of care being delivered to patients.   NHS England has produced a series of delegated commissioning case studies to show how CCGs are using delegated commissioning to improve care for local people.  Rotherham CCG is one of 5 CCGs who are featured in the case studies.   Find out more here. 


20 Jan 2017

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Overview of ACE Programme Final Reports

The ACE programme has published an overview of what's coming from the ACE final reports over the next couple of months.  The overview is split into themes including: •             Increasing the proportion of cancers diagnosed at stages I & II •             Reducing urgent presentations •             Reduction in time to diagnosis and treatment Read more here.       


21 Dec 2016

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NHS Screening Programmes in England - Annual Report Published

England’s screening programmes are worldleading and responsible for saving thousands of lives every year.  During 2015-16 the 11 NHS national screening programmes carried out around 20 million screening tests, including bowel, breast and cervical cancer.   Read more about the progress and activities of the NHS population screening programme  in England during the last financial year in Public Health Englands NHS Screening Programmes Annual Report for 2015-16.        


13 Dec 2016

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