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Improving the experience of women and their families in maternity services has been identified as a national and a local priority by the National Clinical Director and through local consultation. According to the NHS Outcomes Framework 2016/17 work around improving maternity services links to:

  • Domain 1: Preventing people from dying prematurely.
  • Domain 3: Helping people to recover from episodes of ill health or following injury
  • Domain 4: Ensuring that people have a positive experience of care.
  • Domain 5: Treating and caring for people in a safe environment and protecting them from avoidable harm.


Yorkshire and the Humber Clinical Network stakeholder event identified the following key objectives for the CN:

  • Agree an CN work programme reflecting and supportive of national and local priorities
  • Develop clear structures and accountabilities to ensure the appropriate engagement at the right levels
  • Act as a conduit for information gathering to enable benchmarking and accurate identification of variation across the region
  • Facilitate cross boundary and cross organisational engagement and working
  • Develop targeted groups to deliver the work programme priorities
  • Be aware of the national and local agenda and current work being undertaken
  • Work in a way that avoids further duplication


Maternity Work Programme Priorities 2016/17

The CN work programme priorities are based on national, regional and local priorities for the commissioners of maternity services.  The main areas of our work are: 

  • Stillbirths
  • Perinatal mental health
  • Maternal enhanced and critical care
  • Y&H Maternity Dashboard
  • Pre-term births
  • Configuration of Maternity Services
  • National Maternity Review


So - What are we Doing Now?

  • Focusing on reducing stillbirths and improving services for bereaved families
  • Reviewing and improving perinatal mental health care provision across the region
  • Reviewing and improving maternal enhanced and critical care services
  • Supporting the development of improved data collection
  • Supporting implementation of the Maternity Transformation Programme based on the National Maternity Review
  • Working collaboratively with stakeholders
  • Ensuring appropriate user involvement in work programme activities

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