Preterm Birth



Preterm birth (PTB), defined as delivery at less than 37+0 week’s gestation, is a common complication of pregnancy, affecting around 8% of births in England and Wales.1 It is the most important single determinant of adverse infant outcome with regards to survival and quality of life. Babies born preterm have high rates of early, late, and post-neonatal mortality and morbidity. PTB is estimated to cost health services in England and Wales £3.4bn per year.


The Y&H Clinical Network Preterm Birth Working Group commenced in February 2020 with the purpose of supporting the delivery of national guidance and key national indicators in relation to the management and reduction of preterm births. The group provides a forum for the discussion, production and dissemination of best practice pathways and models of care with the view to improving outcomes and user experience and reducing variation across the Yorkshire and the Humber region.


Progress to date

Updated the In Utero Transfer Guideline with an associated Patient Information Leaflet.

Sharing of existing LMS wide guidelines with the view to reducing regional variation in preterm care.

Collation and monitoring of themes for babies born in the incorrect location for their gestation.

Facilitation of a Task & Finish group to improve compliance with recommendation for a minimum of 60 seconds deferred cord clamping for preterm babies.


Next Steps

Facilitate further Task & Finish groups to improve compliance with British Association of Perinatal Medicine Preterm Birth Optimisation recommendations



This group holds quarterly meetings, for details please contact Talitha Grandison (


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