Knowing Me! offers practical guidance on person centered care for those living with dementia, depression and delirium. The objectives of Knowing Me! are to raise awareness and understanding of the 3D’s, Dementia, Delirium and depression, drive improvements in the standards of care, and improve the outcomes that can be achieved for those affected by the 3D’s. Knowing Me! is not however a stand alone resource aimed at a particular staff group or a particular care environment but should be seen as a complimentary resource to raise the awareness and understanding of the 3Ds. Knowing Me! builds on the values and principles of person centered care and support to improve the quality of life and provides useful and practical ways improvements can be made to really make a difference. 

Knowing Me! is hosted by the Life Story Network, and can be downloaded on their website. Life Story Network's mission is to transform society by using the power of life stories to unlock people's potential and improve their wellbeing.


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As an CN we work with clinical commissioning groups, local authority commissioners and service providers across the Yorkshire and Humber region to improve the quality of care and services for people living with dementia and their carers. 


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We are pleased to announce the dementia SCN now has an online discussion forum. In the top right hand corner of the home page is an orange button called ‘Forum’. Click on the forum button and follow the link to register. Please view these brief instructions to assist.


















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