Acute Hospitals Dementia Champions

The aim of the group is to:

Ensure the delivery of high quality care for people with dementia  in acute hospital settings by working jointly across Yorkshire & Humber to:


  • receive national reports/audits/papers and NICE guidance relating to dementia and act as an expert  (secondary care) clinical advisory group to commissioners of dementia services
  • promote and accelerate the adoption of good and innovative practice across Yorkshire & Humber and beyond
  • review information to identify: issues and challenges within the system e.g. blockages, barriers to change; areas of good practice for sharing; those areas/teams who may benefit from additional support
  • provide challenge to the system through informal mechanisms of peer review, support and accountability
  • deliver an agreed programme of work with support from the SCN support team

improve integrated care and information sharing by working in partnership with other key stakeholders

Please use the links here to useful resources the group members have agreed to share


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