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Older People's Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) Toolkit


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The ToolKit includes

  • Purpose/background

  • Case studies

  • Tips and techniques to ensure your IAPT service is equitable for the older peopl's living in your area. 

  • National drivers

Older People's IAPT Toolkit

Case Studies:


Data demonstrating how equitable services are for older people

Access to safe high quality health and social care for people with dementia and carers

  • Choice
  • BPSD
  • Housing
  • Hospital Treatments
  • Technology
  • Health and Social Services
  • Hard to Reach Groups


Dementia Support or 'Fair Weather' Friends

Jill Quinn, CEO of Dementia Forward shares the experience of one of their clients.  Unfortunately, it is not an unusual event but this particular story serves to highlight the gaps that appear when some of us ‘clock – off ‘at the weekend. Please find the story here: Dementia Support or Just


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