West Yorkshire and Harrogate Integrated Care System (WYH ICS) Raising Awareness and Training of Delirium

What is Delirium?  Delirium is a condition where people have increased confusion, changes in thinking and a reduced attention span. Symptoms can develop quickly and often fluctuate during the day.

Who gets delirium? It can happen to anyone but there are some things that put a person at higher risk of it. These include:  Older age, Hearing and sight loss, A diagnosis of dementia, Having a lot of other health problems, Being in hospital with a broken hip or serious illness. Delirium is also known as ‘acute confusion’. It is treatable - but if it is undetected then it can be a life-threatening condition.

On this page we will host information in relation to our Raising Awareness and Training of Delirium work stream.

NEW Delirium leaflet for unpaid carers, families and friends 

A new delirium leaflet aimed at families, friends and unpaid carers is now available.  The leaflet, which has been co-produced with carers and carer support organisations includes sections on how to identify delirium, causes and prevention of delirium and top tips on how to support someone affected by delirium.  The team has supported the development of this leaflet as part of West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership National Dementia Pilot work.



Raising Awareness of Delirium

This e-learning provides the baseline knowledge and skills required by all staff working in health and social care settings and also for those working in an individual's own home. It is also aimed at carers of people who may be more at risk of developing delirium.

The e-learning is available on the e-learning for health platform, it takes approximately 45 minutes to complete and anyone can access it, you dont need to sign up for an account but you can if you wish to.  Everyone recieves a certificate at the end of the e-learning.  Click on the Image to access the e-learning



We have produced a user guide in the form of an interactive PDFavailable HERE or click on the image

You can also access a short YouTube video too - https://youtu.be/h8eS42a0oSg



SEE BELOW OUR THINK DELIRIUM Awareness Resources available for electronic download

we also have an accompanying Guide describing how to use the resources

Please feel free to download, print and share these resources

THINK DELIRIUM Resources Guide






The Delirium Films are now complete and you can view them here

We have incorporates 2 of the films into a more structured learning package which you can access on the E-Learning for Health Platform.  All of the films can also be used a useful tool for skilled educators to use in delirium awareness sessions.

*Please note that the Films are designed to highlight  both good and bad practice

In the films with Kenneth and Wendy we highlight lots of bad practice with the intention that it will stimulate key learning throughout the learning module.  It is important to remeber that while the films may be shocking and/or alarming, the scenarios are written and presented to be thought provoking and to encourage rich discussion among health care professionals across all parts of the health and care system.