Psychological Therapies for Severe Mental Illness (PT-SMI)

A programme for Psychological Therapies (PT) for people with a Severe Mental Health Problem (SMHP) has recently been established within NHS England and NHS Improvement.  This programme of work has been developed in response to low levels of provision of NICE recommended psychological therapies for people with SMI. The programme of work is also supported by the Five Year Forward View for Mental Health; impact of Early Intervention in Psychosis standard, increasing access to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Psychosis (CBTp) and Family Interventions Therapy (FI) and Long-Term Plan commitments. An overview of the programme background and commitments is provided below:

Source:  Alison Brabban, NHS England/NHS Improvement (June 2019)


In recognising our commitment to PT-SMI, the Yorkshire and the Humber Mental Health Clinical Network is in the process of recruiting a Clinical Lead to this programme and considering specific focus for the clinical network team leading on this programme against the deliverables required, which are outlined below: 

Deliverable 1

Commissioning training courses to improve capacity to deliver PTs for SMI

Deliverable 2

Raising profile amongst providers and commissioners of the importance of psychological therapies within community-based MH care

Deliverable 3

Developing guidance and standards as needed to support implementation of psychological therapies

Deliverable 4

Ensuring we can measure improvement in access



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