The 5 year forward view has highlighted the importance of co-ordinated action in the prevention of disease. It sets a clear direction on prioritising prevention in order to reduce the development of Long Term Conditions including Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) and the NHS has a crucial role in the delivery of this agenda particularly at an individual patient level.

Prevention Work Priority

The Yorkshire & Humber CVD Prevention work programme underpins the existing four areas of the CVD Network (Cardiac, Stroke, Renal & Diabetes) and has appointed three GP Advisors to support the prevention areas identified within each of the CVD areas as well as being key in the support and delivery if the key priorities for 2015/16.

Key Areas for delivery 2015/16

In order to support CCGs in the delivery of their role as commissioners, the Y&H Clinical Networks key area for delivery in 2015/16 is to produce a CVD Prevention Strategy which assesses the national evidence on effective interventions for the prevention of CVD. The Strategy will identify key areas for attention and focus on opportunities that will enable the delivery of improved outcomes.

The Prevention Work Programme will:

  • Identify the key professions and individuals to support the delivery of the network’s prevention work programme (within the CVD areas) and the development of the CVD Prevention Strategy.
  • Support the ways in contributing to the reduction of the number of strokes across the Y&H Region with AF as an underlining condition as captured in the Stroke Work Programme.
  • Support the ways in reducing Kidney Disease as captured in the Renal Work Programme.
  • Support the Foot Care Key priority in the Diabetes Work Programme
  • Support the Familial Hypercholesterolemia Key priority in the Cardiac work Programme and also include Lipid Management as the key cardiac priority area in the CVD Prevention Strategy.

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