CVD Prevention Strategy

The management team of the SCN along with its CVD Clinical Leads, GP Advisors and Public Health representatives agreed that the development a CVD Prevention Strategy would support the national drive for prevention and, offer the Yorkshire and the Humber CCGs a structure in which they can consider collaborative working to improve outcomes for patients in the region.

The strategy will identify opportunities and resources currently available to Commissioners to consider the position on key areas within CVD for their population which can be addressed through working at either a local level or, by seeking to describe the opportunities for working collaboratively at a sub-regional and regional level in order to achieve maximum benefit and utilisation of resources.

The strategy will set out a framework for action focusing on 4 priority areas for 2015/16 describing the principles, preparation, programme development, resources and evaluation.  The priority areas were developed and agreed in consultation with the Network Clinical Leads in each of the work stream areas namely cardiac, renal, stroke and diabetes and, have built on current available evidence, demographic data, public health intelligence and economic modelling/cost benefit analysis. The key areas are below:

  • Identify and better manage patients who are at increased risk of Acute Kidney Injury, including patients with established Chronic Kidney Disease.
  • Contribute to the reduction in AF related strokes by increasing anticoagulation rates
  • Add in Diabetes
  • Add in Lipid management

The added benefit to commissioners will be the opportunity to assess their current position on CVD prevention and utilise the expertise of SCN in identifying gaps and addressing opportunities available.



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