Children and Young People's Surgery and Anaesthesia

The Task and Finish Group (T&FG) and associated work programme ran during 2013/14 to 2015/16 with the aim to ensure that safe and sustainable children’s surgery and anaesthesia services are provided across Yorkshire & the Humber.  The focus of this work was to deliver a reduction in variation based upon evidence based sustainable models of care in line with standards, to develop a common service specification and to, improve the experience for children and young people.   Membership includes representatives from all sixteen surgical providers across the county, bringing together Surgeons, Anaesthetists, service managers, commissioners and transport services. The T&FG worked closely with the South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw, Mid York's and North Derbyshire Working Together Programme as well as the West Yorkshire Healthy Futures Paediatric Programme. 
Based upon recommendations from the relevant Royal Colleges the T&FG produced a Quality Schedule for Children's Surgery and Anaesthesia which all Providers across Yorkshire and the Humber agreed to implement, with the support of Children's CCG Commissioners.  This was an extensive undertaking and will help Providers and Commissioners develop their services to meet national guidance, resulting in safer care, a reduction in variation and an improved patient experience.
The T&FG additionally supported the South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw, Mid Yorks and North Derbyshire (SYBMYND) Working Together Programme  produce a Service Specification for children's surgery and anaesthesia. 
Importantly, to support both the Quality Schedule and Service Specification the T&FG worked with children and young people from all across Yorkshire and the Humber to find out what was important to them when having an operation.  This resulted in the production of a Children and Young People's Charter for Having an Operation, which has been shared with all Providers across Yorkshire and the Humber to help improve the patient experience.  The T&FG particularly thanks Barnardo's in Bradford, the Children's Surgical Ward at Bradford Royal Infirmary and all 15 Local Authority Members of the British Youth Parliament for their involvement in this piece of work, whose words and comments were collated into themes and directly quoted in the charter itself.