Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services: CAMHS


Please note:  the CAMHS Work Programme will now be taken forward as part of the New Clinical Network for Children and Young People's Mental health.

Please see below for details of the CAMHS work programme between 2014 to 2106.



Project Aims: To provide commissioning support and advice on the development of CAMHS and emotional health services within Yorkshire and the Humber.

Expected Outcomes: To develop and coordinate a common approach to the commissioning of best practice evidence based CAMH services to increase equity of access and reduce inequalities e.g. common service specification, commissioning policy.


Achievements and Outcomes:

  • Benchmarked CAMHS services across Yorkshire and the Humber, including, CCGs, NHS Providers, LA commissioned services and thirds sector.
  • Engagement with providers: Series of engagement meetings with CAMHS providers commenced. This wasto compliment and mirror the visits already undertaken by the SCN team with acute provider Trusts.
  • Online Discussion Forums:launched for 1) CAMHS Discussion Forum 2) Lead Commissioners Forum
  • Development of the Lead Commissioners forum 
  • User engagment



  • 30/10/14 – Y&H CAMHS Benchmarking Outcome, MH Crisis Care Concordat (MHCCC), T4 CAMHS review local outcome and implementation.
  • 12/12/14 – CAMHS Service Specification Event – Opportunity for commissioners to discuss the new CAMHS national T2 and T3 model service specification.
  • 20/03/2015 – LAPH Emotional Health and Well-being Engagement Event to support DPHs/DCSs, commissioners, providers and elected members to work together to understand the implications of the ’Future in Mind Report’.
  • 24/03/15 – Planned Event - Work undertaken by the 10 West Yorkshire CCGs around CAMHS and Looked After Children, Work undertaken by the National CAMHS Taskforce, Tier 3/3.5 and Tier 4 interface, Sub-regional specialties
  • 17/06/15 - Y&H CAMHS Tier 4 Access Assessment Event.