The work of the Yorkshire and the Humber Renal Network, as supported by the Clinical Networks, has now come to a close and these webpages will no longer be updated. 

Sharing Haemodialysis Care Leaders Forum

The main intention of the forum is to connect leaders in shared haemodialysis care; to conduct discussions regarding what works in shared haemodialysis care - what has been tried, discuss barriers and possible solutions; and to discuss the spread and sustainability of shared care across the UK.

The forum met for the first time on 9 June 2015. Please see the links below for the notes and slides from the inaugural SHC Leaders Forum:


A second forum meeting took place at the Home Dialysis Conference in Manchester on 25 September 2015. Please see the link below for the notes:

Sharing Haemodialysis Care Learning Event 2015

On 10th June 2015 the 4th Shared Haemodialysis Care Learning Event took place in Leeds. The day had a programme packed with inspirational speakers and motivational activities and there were fantastic contributions from patients, carers and staff alike. The day focused around everyone sharing their experiences of dialysis and worked to build the confidence of patients and staff to become involved in shared haemodialysis care and make it sustainable.


The programme, presentations and outputs from the practical sessions are accessible via the links below:

Sharing Haemodialysis Care - Scaling Up

….my life revolves around dialysis every other day”

Home haemodialysis (HHD) has considerable advantages over centre based HD: greater independence, better quality dialysis, better survival and lower costs. The SHC Network is proposing to the Health Foundation an application to implement a scaling-up quality improvement programme where the intervention, shared HD care (SHC), supports in-centre HD patients to learn tasks forming part of their own dialysis treatment, ultimately giving more people the possibility to choose to have their dialysis at home.

The intervention comprises:

  • encouraging patient partners to participate in their dialysis care, through the creation of a supportive environment supported by specific nurse training
  • a patient training competency book
  • a website: sharing experiences and documenting levels of engagement. 
  • measurement of engagement - % patients participating in 5 or more dialysis related tasks

If you have any questions, please contact Sarah Boul.

Sharing Haemodialysis Care - Course

  • Are you interested in Shared Haemodialysis Care?
  • Would you like the skills and resources to implement Shared Haemodialysis Care on your unit?
  • Would you like to improve the quality of care you provide for your haemodialysis patients?

If the answer is YES to any of these questions, why don’t you enrol on the Yorkshire & Humber Shared Haemodialysis Care Course? It’s completely free to all NHS Staff!

The course dates can be found here and an application form can be downloaded here.

If you require more details please contact:  Shared Haemodialysis Care Educator Tania Barnes



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