The work of the Yorkshire and the Humber Renal Network, as supported by the Clinical Networks, has now come to a close and these webpages will no longer be updated. 

Acute Kidney Injury (AKI)

Acute kidney injury (AKI) is a sudden and recent reduction in a person’s kidney function. It is not caused as a result of a physical blow to the body. AKI is strongly associated with mortality, increased lengths of stay, chronic morbidity and increased healthcare costs.  AKI is a key priority for the CVD SCN.

 The key focus for AKI should be on:

  • Prevention     
  • Working out who is at risk
  • Early detection of patients with AKI
  • Intervention
  • Professional Education
  • Patient Education

A Yorkshire and the Humber Acute Kidney Injury Patient Care Initiative has been established.  Regional meetings are held regularly (see the meetings section for details of the next meeting and the documents section for notes & slides from previous meetings).

A number of actions have been identified by the AKI Patient Care Initiative, these are:

  • Baseline Data Collection
  • Share Best Practice
  • Education
  • Engaging CCGs & Primary Care
  • Pathway development
  • Implementation of E-Alerts
  • Medicine Management & Pharmacy
  • Communication


The work will also link closely with the National ‘Think Kidneys’ Programme.



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