Governance and Structure

The CNs are hosted by NHS England’s South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Area Team, with direct staff management undertaken through its Director and Medical Director. Whilst accountability for the administration of the SCN support team and structures will remain via this route, it is necessary to develop an SCN oversight group from which CNs can receive strategic direction, and to which the CNs can be held to account. 

The oversight group will meet three times per year to set the strategic direction and ambition for CNs, to review and hold to account for activities and achievements, and ‘horizon scan’ for forthcoming priorities.  It is envisaged that one of the three meetings may be in the form of an annual event for all key stakeholders including providers, to present an account of the work it has been undertaking and to confirm priorities for the year ahead.


The oversight group will require high-level representation from all key stakeholders.  The chair will be the SCN Clinical Director and membership will include:

  • CCGs (or CCG representatives from each of the three Commissioning CCG collaboratives)
  • The three NHS England Area Teams across Yorkshire and the Humber and NHS England North of England Region
  • A Clinical Lead from each of the four CNs
  • Local Authorities (or a representative(s) from the Yorkshire and Humber Local Authorities)
  • Healthwatch Representation
  • The Yorkshire and Humber Academic Health Science Network (AHSN)
  • Other representatives to be agreed (it is not envisaged that providers will be members of the oversight group although a range of approaches are being taken across England)


The terms of reference of the oversight group will be to: 

  • Oversee the development of the CNs, consistent with commissioner requirements and with national policy
  • To maintain strong clinical engagement
  • Agree and monitor SCN strategies and annual programmes of work ensuring these are integrated with other related work, especially commissioning plans of CCGs and NHS England
  • Agree the investment of SCN resources in accordance with the priorities
  • Oversee partnership arrangements and working between the SCN groups, with other structures (e.g. Academic Health Science Networks); and other geographical areas as required
  • Provide assurance to commissioners and the wider health and social care community on SCN delivery, including an annual report.

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