What We Do

Yorkshire and the Humber is a large and complex area. Covering over 5000 square miles and approximately 100 miles wide by 100 miles high, the area includes the full spectrum of demographics from dense, deprived urban populations to rural and remote communities.

The health care system includes 24 CCGs, 3 NHS England Area Teams and 14 major acute hospital Trusts.

Clinical Networks bring together those who use, provide and commission the service to make improvements in outcomes for complex patient pathways using an integrated, whole system approach.

Clinical Networks work in partnership with commissioners (including local government), supporting their decision making and strategic planning, by working across the boundaries of commissioner, provider and voluntary organisations as a vehicle for improvement for patients, carers and the public. Clinical Networks will:

  • Reduce unwarranted variation in health and wellbeing services
  • Encourage innovation in how services are provided now and in the future
  • Provide clinical advice and leadership to support their decision making and strategic planning

Plans on a page

We have developed what we refer to as plans on a page which we hope can help people to see easily what we want to achieve across all the Clinical Networks. The plans show how we are working strategically over the next four years to ensure commissioners of health care can be confident that clinical and cost effective services are available to the populations they serve.

Each workstream will have defined objectives and outcome measures and will align with local priorities and the NHS Business plan.


YHSCN Cancer Plan on a Page

Cardiovascular (Heart, Stroke, Renal & Diabetes):

YHSCN Cardiovascular SCN Plan on a Page

Mental Health, Dementia & Neurological Conditions:

YHSCN Mental Health Dementia Neuro Conditions Plan on a Page

Maternity, Children's & Young People:

YHSCN Maternity Children and Young People Plan on a Page