Our vision and mission

The role of Clinical Networks (CNs) in Yorkshire and the Humber is to support cooperative action for the benefit of patients between the component parts of the health and social care system.  The Clinical Senate compliments this approach by providing impartial clinical advice to commissioners undertaking service changes and development.


The work of CNs is underpinned by, and consonant with, the values of the NHS Constitution, and provides a unique way to address the requirement that “The NHS works across organisational boundaries and in partnership with other organisations in the interest of patients, local communities and the wider population” (Principle 5, NHS Constitution).


The Yorkshire and the Humber Clinical Network operates as a catalyst for change across complex systems of care improving quality, outcomes, value for money and patient experience. 


Improved heart, stroke, diabetes, renal, maternity, children, mental health, dementia, neurological and cancer health care services in Yorkshire and the Humber.


The Yorkshire and Humber Clinical Networks will bring people together to advise on what good care services should look like and to improve outcomes for our population.


  • Advise on standards of care
  • Advise on care pathways
  • Engine for change across complex systems of care
  • Whole system improvement
  • Honest broker and critical friend
  • Harness clinical leadership

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