Focus on Neurology:

  • 1: 10 admissions – Neurological
  • Third most frequent specialty after cardiology and respiratory
  • Current process: triage to general physician
  • Inappropriate delays in care due to limited access to local neurology services´╗┐
  • Delay in referral and misdiagnosis
  • Increased LOS and inappropriate use of investigations
  • Many hospitals have no policy for acute seizure care, no policy for status epileptics
  • 10% mortality

So - what are we doing in the Neurology Network?

  • Focus on headache services
  • Developing better services for patients with neuromuscular disease
  • Improving End of Life and Palliative Care
  • Asking patients what good looks like for them via a series of focus groups
  • Focus on Epilepsy services
  • Focus on improving neuro-rehabilitation services
  • Asking CCG commissioners and acute hospital consultants what are their key issues and priorities
  • Developing a more user friendly data intelligence set so that CCGs and hospitals and patients can see how things are going




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