Work Priorities

Work Priorities 2013-15

The Neurology areas of work are based on feedback from a Stakeholder event held in September 2013,

National Clinical Director advice and from early scoping arising from various NHSE publications on Mental Health, Dementia and Acute and Chronic Neurological Conditions.

The suggested criteria upon which the priorities are delivered focus on: 

  • National priorities/ambitions that need to be achieved by a specific date and where working collaboratively will assist this 
  • Where projects will have the greatest gains for population health - (the sum of the parts are greater than the whole etc.) 
  • Where collaborative working will prevent duplication between organisations (e.g. CCGs/CNs/AHSN/Area Teams etc.) 
  • Where the delivery of specific pieces of work actively contribute to a QIPP opportunity for collective CCGs and or NHS England 
  • Where there are opportunities to develop innovative working that will be used for regional/national sharing

1. Improve access to early diagnostics for people with suspected neurological problems

2. Improve access to neuro-rehabilitation

3. improve neurology commissioning intentions

4. Improve the outcomes for people with Neuromuscualr Diseases

5. Improve access to Neurology related data

6. Support links with brain & CNS

7. Ensure patient and carers views are represented in all Neurology Improvement work

8. SCN/regional approach to implementing NICE DMT guidance

9. Links to academic/research bodies E.G Divbision 4

10. Links to voluntary organisations

11. Data Intelligence

12. Communications

Current Focus for the Neurology SCN are on improvement in Headache, Epilepsy and Neuro Rehabilitation services

We have also been working closely with stakeholders to develop a Neuro Muscular Disease pathway

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